Serbian industry light aircraft

The Company Aero-East-Europe d.o.o. has its head offices and production hall in Jagodina. Born from the enthusiasm and passion of flying, the company started as a subcontractor for the assembling of the “MXP” branded models for an Italian company (more then a hundred of planes flying). The company developed within the deep-rooted aeronautical tradition, which characterized the well known technical Serbian knowledge in the aircraft production and designing. The qualified technicians working in Aero-East-Europe d.o.o. are all experienced professionals highly educated, with previously consolidated professional background. Thanks to the cooperation with important members of the university environment, the Company implemented and finally developed the new SILA series (Serbian Industry of Light Aircraft).

The Company continued and continues to manufacture aircraft in cooperation with the faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade and in Kraljevo. More than 140 aircraft were delivered so far, and at the same time the new models of SILA ( Serbian industry light aircraft ) were produced. Aero-East-Europe works in compliance with the production rules for general aviation, which is the JAR Part 21, accordingly all planes are made using certified metal alloys and steel, aluminum and chrome-molybdenum steel.

The company’s core activity is the production of light airplanes in compliance with EASA-LSA and EASA-VLA, airplanes designated for specific purposes porpuses flight school airplanes, but some of them are also producted  belong to the sepecial category as platform for flying missions like aerial photo-shooting, aerial monitoring border and traffic control, aerial predisposed to fire, agriculture aerial spraying, medical transport (airplane ambulance), aerial advertising, glider towing, banner towing and other exclusively civil (not military) activities. Beside the aircraft production the Company also provides services and maintenance for airplanes and components (engines, propellers and rescue systems). The company also executes minor and major repairs of airplanes by other producers (under their approval). Aero-photo shooting, monitoring flights, charter flights, aerial advertising, glider towing, banner towing and more are some of the possibilities offered by the light aircraft produced by Aero-East-Europe.

Every product is in compliance with standard JAR 21 ( EASA PART 21), over 140 airplanes were already produced for the European market so far.

AeroEast is proud to show that the model SILA 450C is recognized and certified by the aviation authorities of Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Italy ect.

AERO - EAST -EUROPE works with all the necessary certificates issued by the manufacturers of the components and devices being installed or serviced.

Certificates and standards