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Characteristic of the manufacturing production, in which the company is specialized, is the construction of metallic structures made of aluminum alloy. Apart the broad experience in the traditional (metallic) way of building aircraft, which is in line with our philosophy, Aero-East-Europe believes that metallic structures in aviation are synonyms for reliability, robustness and stability. According to all this, our airframes have no TBO, they are in fact “On condition”, and this means that our metallic structures have a long-term durability. The airplanes, fully metallic, are made of exclusively certified aeronautical materials such as Al 2024 T3, 2017 T4, 6061 T6 & 25CrMo4 – 4130 alloys, all this leads to the realisation of “heavy duty” airplanes in other words robust and reliable products. The front firewall frame of every aircraft (SILA series), as well as the tubular structure, is made of steel Cr Mo 4130 in order to give the best possible protection to the cockpit. The metal sheets cutting and drilling is carried out through numerical control machines (NC machines).

The care and the precise way of producing are evident in every detail and the refined manufacturing shows the strict SILA standards of quality. All parts are in accordance with ATA 100 System, to ensure adequate quality control, repeatability and traceability.

Our core activity is the production of light aircraft such as Ultra-light, EASA-LSA, EASA-VLA and special category a/c that have a wide spectrum of purposes, such as pilot training (flights schools), sport flying, aero photo-shooting, aero-photogrammetry, border/areas/infrastructures surveillance, environmental protection, aerial spraying, search and rescue, banner and glider towing and more. Nevertheless the development of our aero-ambulance (SILA 750 MT), already in service in some countries, represents together with the platform for missiles (mounted on a SILA 750) one of the most recent application proposed by Aero-East-Europe, where a light aircraft in his “heavy duty” version demonstrates all its potentiality.

Beside the airplanes production, maintenance and support service represent the important issue of the post sales activity.

The Production halls of Aero-East-Europe are located in the Middle West Serbia, in the city of Kraljevo, Aerodromska st. (Coordinates 43°43′50.36″N,20°43′26.39″E) in close proximity to the airport (LYKA). The manufacturing process is organized according to JAR – EASA Part 21, as described in POE, DOE & MOE; in this way, as provided, the repeatability and traceability are ensured along the production chain.
The manufacturing facilities include a technical office, a raw material warehouse, a manufacturing hall, a semi-manufactured and parts warehouse and a painting workshop. In the manufacturing hall jigs are installed in order to enable the airframe assembling process, while in the painting shop special techniques are applied in order to paint the aluminum components. In the spray booth optimal temperature and humidity conditions are provided.
Subcontractors and suppliers are constantly under control as part of a permanent process which is strictly defined, within time intervals each one is verified trough the production chain.
Parts, components and devices such as the engines and the propellers installed on our aircraft, are supplied by well-known companies of proven quality, such as TEVESO s.r.o., Franz Aircraft GmbH, WOODCOMP s.r.o. MT propellers GmbH, KASPAR AERO s.r.o.. All incoming components are strictly defined within quality standards.
In the case of the internal upholstery of our aircraft this is in compliance with FAR 25.853, with the installation of fireproof materials and components.

The testing and the maintenance departments are located right on the Airport LYKA – Kraljevo, not far from the production halls. The workshop is completely equipped for the installation of the power plant which is part of the last assembling step before flying. All types of tests, from the engine ground test to the complete flight tests, are conducted here.

With the completion of flight tests, the last step of the production chain is finished and the new aircraft is now ready for delivery.

Production Organization Exposition

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